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5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room

More than likely, most of us grew up with that one cozy armchair in our house – you know, the one everyone fought to sit in. Chances are, that armchair is long gone but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a new one to take its place.

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We want to help you in that search, and show you 5 fine examples of modern armchairs for your living room:

Bardot Armchair |
bardot-armchair-zoom-01 Armchair 5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room bardot armchair zoom 01
The true velvet touch. The combinations between velvet and gold plated Brass gives this one of a kind handmade piece of furniture a sense of refinement that we don’t see very often. The elegant and soulful Bardot Armchair was named after the great movie icon from the 60’s and boasts sleek lines and modern contours that would make anyone beg for more.

Field Lounge Chair |
fd1-lngchr-rd_field-lounge-chair-craig-red_1 Armchair 5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room fd1 lngchr rd field lounge chair craig red 1
Shapely curves, a gentle recline and “just-right” cushions invite the lost art of unwinding. A sculptural powder-coated steel base sets up the striking profile.

Batak Armchair |
batak-armchair-1 Armchair 5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room batak armchair 1
The BATAK people are one of the most ancient and most well-documented tribes in the world. The first records of BATAK people date as far back as Marco Polo´s travels in the 13th century. Located in Indonesia, the BATAKs have a very rich culture, immerse in traditions, myths and in a society that they believe had its origin in one common ancestor – “ Si Raja Batak”. BATAK is also a velevt armchair by BRABBU. A mid-century modern furniture piece that covers the rich culture of BATAK and embraces their same ancestral beliefs, bringing a feeling of fellowship to any ambience. BATAk velvet armchair perfectly recreats the mid-century modern furniture style.

Cocktail Armchair |
cocktail-chair-1 Armchair 5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room cocktail chair 1 1024x384
Like the olive to a martini, sipping cocktails and lounging in luxury go hand-in-hand. The plush body of the Cocktail Armchair hugs your every curve while you softly melt into the creamy velvet upholstery fabric. Cheers!

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Theo Show Wood Chair |
theo-show-wood-chair-o Armchair 5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room theo show wood chair o
Nestled within its simple show wood frame, our Theo Armchair is a fresh take on mid-century design. Its clean lines, pull-tufted back and comfortable seat find the perfect complement with a matching ottoman (sold separately).

Source: Design Milk;

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