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living room Living room as an art space blog 0216797001352116612 740x516

Living room as an art space

You can decorate living room in the spirit of the design gallery even without the help of paintings and sculptures. In the role of art objects will perform wallpapers and…

Desert city “Desert City” in Spain ce0591733faae80361eb133e725d9b8f 740x560

“Desert City” in Spain

The giant garden center Desert City in the suburbs of Madrid is populated by plants that came from five continents. SEE ALSO: Blue color in interior: 5 arguments “for” Deser City…

Scandinavian trends 15 new Scandinavian trends 5 1 740x469

15 new Scandinavian trends

New Scandinavian trends in interior design 1. PHILOSOPHY «LAGOM» Last year, the focus was on the idea of comfort in Danish under the name “Hugge”. But this year, this trend,…

tiny house A tiny house in Finland nido sept2012 out 740x560

A tiny house in Finland

Finnish designer Robin Falck has built a tiny house for himself to practice one of his favorite activities – to organize hikes in the forest, enjoying Scandinavian nature. The designer…

ice cream parlor A nice ice cream parlor in Mexico C3wsVE4XAAERqNj 740x426

A nice ice cream parlor in Mexico

Owners of the conceptual ice cream parlor Gelatoscopio in Mexico City approached design issues with a rare responsibility. To create a small, slightly larger than a regular kiosk, a cafe,…

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