For pugs lovers ❤️

For pugs lovers ❤️

Pugs – loved by many people pets. This is not surprising: just look at this velvet fur, big eyes and a quiveringly sad expression of face! Today’s Inspiration article will be dedicated specifically to pug lovers and interior design.

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Pugs are the perfect pets for lovers of interior design. They themselves are well versed in the trends of design 😉 For example, meet these charming representative of the pug breed – Arabella.

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Arabella, pug, began her career as an interior designer at an early age. In fact, she was only 10 weeks old when she began pulling samples from the shelf in the design studio. Even then, she showed interest in shreds of silk, velvet and various other materials.

For pugs lovers pugs For pugs lovers ❤️ 65447aa738c84784301b007d29a01a3dHer style can be called eclectic: shabby textures in the corners, bright and bold, often an unusual combination of colors, not to mention the pitted legs of the seats. Of course, not many were immediately considered a talent, but already at the first appearance at the design event, Chelsea Harbor Design Week, pug Arabella evaluated the participants, sitting on a wool carpet from designer Rachel Bates.

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pugs For pugs lovers ❤️ eh download catalogue 800At the age of six months, the pug took up the design of the studio. For us, as I think, and for all the lovers of design, it is still surprising how she insisted on the samples of materials she had chosen, licking them out of the proposed ones. 

For pugs lovers pugs For pugs lovers ❤️ 0016db22627bef59220a026c216cb8e2She is currently participating in a project in San Lorenzo on the Algarve in Portugal. It must be controlled from a damp and cold head office in England, as it does not tolerate air travel very well. Also, the Arabella pug plans his return to Chelsea at the SuperyachtDESIGN Week.

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