Luxury furniture at mid-century home

In 1998 a new design trend, called mid-century, had become very popular: cool creative types were tossing aside their thrift store décor in favor of midcentury modern. Out went the funky votive candles and wrought-iron beds, and in came the clean-lined furniture of Arne Jacobsen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Florence Knoll. The look’s adherents were labeled “Generation Wallpaper,” after the magazine.

Luxury furniture at mid-century home

For some reason, time stopped.

Nearly two decades later, mid-century modern remains the rage. If anything, it’s even more popular. Flip through a shelter magazine or shop at a mass retailer like CB2 or West Elm, and it’s all variations on a spiky-legged-chair-and-Tulip-table theme. Mid-century is the decorating style that won’t die.

Luxury furniture at mid-century home: Bogarde armchair


The best of midcentury design is undeniably beautiful and functional. But will we still be living in 1950s-inspired interiors through 2050? 

Luxury furniture at mid-century home: Monroe armchair

Liz O’Brien: 20th-century decorative arts dealer: I have three Tulip Tables at home. With a marble top it’s hard to beat. But I use Queen Anne-style chairs. It’s elegant.”

Luxury furniture at mid-century home

Jill Singer, a founder of the design magazine Sight Unseen: “When this stuff was designed, it was specifically made to be democratic and to be lived with. It makes sense that it has a wide appeal. It’s beautiful materials, classic simple shapes that can seem timeless.”

Essential Home: unique Hudson armchair

Jim Brett: president, West Elm: “I just bought vintage Italian Ico Parisi chairs. I also just bought an Italian midcentury curved sofa. I also just got some pieces mixing travertine and brass — all vintage. I went to 1stdibs and had an Italian midcentury buying spree. I’m redoing my apartment.”

Luxury furniture at mid-century home

Liz O’Brien: 20th-century decorative arts dealer: “It’s such a broad category. I continue to find super-exciting things. I just got a great pair of chairs by John Dickinson. That happens often enough to keep me hooked.”

Essential Home: Reeves chair

Fall in love with Mid-century modern and choose your favorite exciting thing!

Essential Home: Diamond mirror and Edith Sideboard

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