Design Insider: Mary Welch Fox Stasik on Her Career & Design Projects We’ll Be Seeing Soon

Welcome to our tenth interview of our blog’s feature, Design Insider! Every month, you have the shot to read an exclusive conversation with your favorite interior designer and find out everything about its novelties, current design projects, and what’s next! This month’s special guest is the renowned designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik, who creates functional and jaw-dropping ambiances for her clients. Her aim is “to directly connect with each client on a personal level delivering a space that not only speaks emotionally but also makes them see and experience the functionality of a space.

Mary Welch Fox Stasik is a designer, a television personality, and someone worth following! She’s got a brand-new show on HGTV, a family that grew quickly, and she’s got some of the most talented design skills we’ve seen in a long time. She has what it takes to become a household name, and we cannot wait to scroll and read her entire interview!

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Mary Welch gained a strong desire to experience LIFE but unsure exactly how to execute those feelings.

Her passions led her to Colorado State University, and then to working in Denver and NYC for designers that still greatly inspire her work and philosophy today. Mary Welch then began exploring the fashion, music, fitness industries and the world which led her to finding a core value – travel is her jam. All of this lead her back into interiors.

This is your life, your vibe, your home. Let’s make your feelings meet your space

Mary Welch

Mid-Century Furniture Blog: Hello dear Mary, thank you so much for accepting our special invitation! It will certainly be a lovely conversation! Your design projects always feature a lot of color and enthusiasm. What color would you say best represents your design style?

Mary Welch: I can always count on a fun color to bring enthusiasm to any project. Recently “Oval Room Blue” by Farrow and Ball is a color I can always count on to bring a calming but vivid element to the space.

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MCFB: You tend to push your clients to express their individuality and feel comfortable taking risks. What was the biggest design risk you’ve taken in your career?

MW: The biggest design risk I have taken would have to be on a project where I was hanging records on floating shelves. I knew these records were important to the client and were a great way to express their personality but the weight behind the records really needed to be sturdy. I definitely held my breath presenting these records, but rumor has it they’re still hanging just fine! 

MCFB: It’s been your dream to be on HGTV since you were 19 years old. How has your experience been hosting Breaking Bland and what has it meant for your interior design career?

MW: My experience hosting Breaking Bland has not only been an honor but thrilling, fun and exhausting all at once! HGTV has really helped me validate following my intuition and to know that your gut will never steer you wrong. 

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MCFB: Your education and career have led you to travel a little all over the country, from Nashville to New York, South Carolina, and Denver… Do you tend to use in your project’s bits and parts of the knowledge and inspiration from each place you’ve visited, or do you tend to stick to one vision, inspiration, or signature style?

MW: My wanderlust has driven me to travel not all over the country but all over the world. I am a firm believer that travel is knowledge and I draw inspiration around every turn. 

MCFB: On your show, Breaking Bland, we saw that you were inspired by Monocles Sideboard from Essential Home. How did you find out about this piece and what elements of it inspired you?

MW: Essential Home is always on my mind and honestly always on my phone as I love stalking and gathering as much inspiration as I can. I knew I wanted to carry over the dimension of the circles and variation of the shapes in a more permanent way and I think we can all agree that this inspiration turned out for the better!

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MCFB: In this world, we inspire and feel inspired. What are the names in the interior design field that helped you shape your signature style?

MW: I always start off feeling inspired by my first boss, Larry Laslo. Laslo never stuck to a specific style, and I find myself often gravitating towards never being stationary within my designs. When it comes to fun bold pattern play and textures, Kelly Wearstler has always been a role model. Courtney Bishop is another designer that has helped me shape my business and life all in one.

MCFB: What was the best design advice you’ve been given?

MW: The best design advice I was given was by Courtney Bishop who told me, “Put yourself out there because if you don’t put yourself out there no one will know you exist”.

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MCFB: Tell us a design trend that you never tried before but want to, and a style that you will never try.

MW: Honestly, this is so hard to answer because the possibilities are endless for me to continue to try design trends that are past, present, and futuristic. As for a style that I will never try…. never say never!!

MCFB:  Our path is never easy, and usually when we interview someone, we always end up talking only about the successful part. However, mistakes are also part of the experience, and sometimes more important than victories. What was your biggest fail?

MW: A flaw that can often happen as one’s career is building is taking on too much at once and not knowing when or how to ask for help. I’ve realized that failures come every day and it is a part of business and life, but it is more important to focus on the recovery. Around here we like to refer to these as “happy accidents” or “beautiful oops”. 

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MCFB: Mary Welch, you need no introduction. Your design work has been making waves in the field; however we are sure you have plenty of projects on your sleeve. Can you talk about your next big project? 

MW: My next big project is starting a new business called “Queen + Knox” in Charleston, SC! I have decided to merge my interior design firm with a project management firm to deliver the best customer service we can possibly provide to our clients on top of our beautifully unique handcrafted designs