Step Inside The Charmful House Of Carlo Donati In Saint Tropez

Get ready to travel back in time inside this timeless home furnished with some of the most exquisite furniture and lighting pieces of the Dolce Vita Collection in partnership of Essential Home with Carlo Donati Studio. Check out this incredible house as we take you on a virtual tour!

A comfortable environment, where the classic meets the casual without forgetting the luxurious mid-century details present in all areas of this wonderful home. Carefully chosen timeless and neutral colours, like brown, beige and grey, throughout the entire space with the use of different patterns and golden features. The perfect combination of sophistication and modernity in the most attractive location of the French Riviera. Get your daily luxury dosis and don’t miss the tour of the most chique house in Saint Tropez!

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Located on the beautiful coast of Saint Tropez, in the Côte D’Azur region with a wonderful ocean view, this house is the luxury definition. A project featuring pieces from Essential Home and DelightFULL, two brands that represent the mid-century luxury style. Saint Tropez in the south of France is, nowadays, the trendiest location of the French Riviera. Throughout the years, this location became prominent due to the influx of cinema and music artists. Currently, Saint Tropez is seen by the American and European jet set and tourists as a resort.

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A modern spacious entering space with marble walls that create such a majestic environment. Right up front, there is the amazing combination of the wooden Vittorio Sideboard from Essential Home with the golden Brubeck Wall Lamps from DelightFULL. The floor is almost fully covered with the Claudia Rug creating a comfortable environment right when entering. From this luxury entrance there is a great glass view and access to the other areas of the house.

An open living room area with full access to, both the kitchen and the dining room areas. There is an upper seating space with furniture pieces carefully chosen to entertain. Two Zelda Single Sofas by Essential Home, as well one black and white marble Vinicius Side Table piece for support. The Baughman Bar Cart is ideal for serving drinks and a great storage area with two white Minelli Bookcase pieces is also present to cover the whole wall behind this area.

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After descending two small steps of black marble floor, there is the main seating area completely covered in animal-printed rug with the big Fitzgerald Modular Sofa on it. This amazing textile and brass sofa piece occupies approximately two corners of this rectangular space. A round white statement center table in front of the sofa gives support to the comfortable seating area. The sofa has a privileged view to a great golden wall with a TV screen on it. The entire palette of this room presents timeless colour shades of black, white, grey and gold, that provide comfort and sophistication, at the same time.

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The huge dining room has more than enough space for at least six people, who can enjoy the amazing view to the pool area while having a delicious meal. Fully furnished with a gorgeous luxury twist to some pieces of Carlo Donati’s Dolce Vita Collection with Essential Home there are amazing furniture pieces to find, like the Alberto Dining Table and the Federico Chairs. The Alberto Table makes you want to serve a nice dinner, accompanied by the Federico Chairs with their unique fifties patterns on the upholstery, paired with the ivory back seats and some unique brass details on the legs. Take the opportunity to also be enlightened by a piece of the Brubeck collection and enjoy the great classics created by Lord Dave Brubeck.

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The kitchen is fully dressed on several marble stone types, white, black and brown shaded. This area is fully equipped with everything a modern kitchen needs and has some interesting decor details, like the Miranda Pineapple Table Lamp that sits on the black marble countertop. There is also a small balcony seating area with upholstered in white textile Collins Bar Chairs from Essential Home, as well as a white DelightFULL Turner Floor Lamp.

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A hallway that inspires, both inside and out. Due to its prime location in cote d’azur, the white upholstered Minelli bench is placed to enjoy this beautiful and elegant view. On the large wooden walls, the stilnovo style Piazzolla wall chandeliers, inspired by the 60’s, bring a retro touch to this hallway. For room furnishing and support, the marble topped Edith Sideboard is to see in its white and mustard yellow velvet version.

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This passionate bedroom was the perfect opportunity to show the new pieces of the Dolce Vita Collection. The Virna Armchair is a triangular-shaped piece with straight lines and an elegantly simple profile, which is the secret to all its beauty. To support this seating area near the great balcony view, there is the marble Jacobsen Side Table. The great balcony is furnished with the Saccu Sofa and Armchairs of Essential Home’s outdoor collection. Nino Side Table is a piece that keeps the straight lines and the triangular shape standing on each side of this bedroom’s center piece, the Minelli Bed from Essential Home. Above-standing, the Mina Suspension Lamps incarnate the appearance of a stylized round heart-shaped plant with arms rising like golden branches. Indispensable is also the nude-shaded Minelli Bench placed at the end of the bed for its purpose.

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Giulietta is the key piece in this bathroom, besides being super functional and mobile, it is a sophisticated piece. Still, Mina’s golden shade contrasts just so well with the black marble walls of the entire space. The powder area looks so luxurious with the Anthony Sideboard revamped into a gorgeous marble and wood countertop piece. To illuminate the white free-standing bathtub and its surroundings, the Cannonball Suspension Lamp from DelightFULL was carefully chosen.

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A luxury pool area with a wide view to the marvellous French village. Featuring a marble powder area with two white Turner Table Lamps, that create a sense of fun and complement this space’s decor. To lay by the pool, the Noa Sun Beds are just the perfect fit. A marble Vinicius Side Table had to be present, to support this area and create a stunning and luxurious ambiance.