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25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany – Europe, the Old Continent, has a lot of history and a lot to offer. From beautiful cities to amazing art, Europe is just a massive hub of creativity. In this post, we’ll be exploring the top 25 interior designers in Europe, with a particular focus on the incredible talent coming out of Germany. From modern minimalism to opulent baroque, these designers are creating stunning, functional and beautiful spaces. Join Inspirations Blog as we take a closer look at the incredible work of Europe’s most talented interior designers.

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany NOVELTIES

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III


1. APPIA Contract

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 1 1 1024x683

APPIA Contract is a renowned interior design and contracting firm that specializes in the hospitality industry. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable design solutions for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments worldwide. From concept development to construction and project management, APPIA Contract has the expertise to bring clients’ visions to life, creating unique and inviting spaces that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

2. CASA Finest Living

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 2 2

CASA Finest Living has established itself as one of the top names in the field of luxury design solutions by providing special products from the living and lighting sectors to a picky customer. The core qualities of this outstanding company are premium craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Due to its exclusive selection of collections from high-end companies like FLOS, LUXXU, Moooi, Poltrona Frau, and Boca do Lobo, CASA Finest Living rose to fame. Their unique collection only comprises design names and the top manufacturers that are known for the greatest product quality and distinctive service attitude.

3. Davide Rizzo

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 3 2 1024x683

Davide Rizzo is one of Germany’s Top Interior Designers. Currently based in Berlin, Rizzo preserves traditions and creates new looks with his inspiring style. He has the capacity of creating value in any type of space and tends t privilege a style based on the top ideas of the 1920s, an era when glitz and luxury were omnipresent. There are many ideas from International Designers and Luxury Brands which are easily combined with Davide Rizzo’s unique style which has managed to create some of the most stunning projects ad amazing styles are ever seen in the German design industry.

4. DREIMETA / Freiraum GMBH

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 4 3 1024x683

DREIMETA / Freiraum GMBH is an award-winning interior design firm that creates stunning and unique spaces for residential, commercial, and hospitality clients. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and functionality, their team of experienced designers, architects, and craftsmen work closely with clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences. Their portfolio includes a wide range of successful projects, including hotels, restaurantsoffices, and private residences, both in Germany and internationally.

5. Felix Graf GmbH

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 5 1024x683

Felix Graf GmbH is a high-end interior design firm that specializes in creating unique and personalized living spaces for its clients. From luxury homes to high-end apartments and commercial areas, Felix Graf GmbH has established a reputation for delivering exceptional design services that exceed its clients’ expectations. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or a more traditional and timeless feel, Felix Graf GmbH has the creativity and expertise to create the perfect living space for you.

6. Gisbert Pöppler Architecture And Interior

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 6 1 1024x768

Gisbert Pöppler Architecture and Interior is a company that combines a deep knowledge of architecture, interior design and custom furnishings within a boutique studio. Here, the view of the larger image and refined detail are both integrated into Jewel-Box rooms, specially developed for commercial and private customers. By bringing together a comprehensive understanding of space, colour, light, and features, the team orchestrated a complete environmental experience – rooms with an overarching concept that unites and unites. Exuberant embellishment is tempered with northern European restraint, and harmonious hybrids to create an unexpected elegance in the interior of any project they take on.

7. Interiors in Style GmbH

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 7

The most sophisticated designer collections of renowned furniture manufacturers from around the world can be found at Interiors In Style. With its three main collections—Adriana Hoyos, Christopher Guy, and Caracole—they bring together more than 2,500 furniture designs, mirrors, and other accessories under one roof.

8. IHS Concept

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 8 1 1024x427

IHS Concept gathers unique and innovative design aesthetics through a carefully curated selection of furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Some of the best Italian high-end brands that are part of the IHS Concept catalogue are Minotti, Baxter, Molteni & C and Nicoline.

9. Ivy’s Design

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 9 1 1024x683

Ivy’s Design is the result of the creativity of Ivana Bukvic, known by many as both a savvy entrepreneur, as well as an interior designer. After redesigning a historic building in Berlin‘s upscale quarter Mitte, she went on to create her own design studio. Her reaction consists of a company that follows through 5 essential keywords: Community, quality, art, nature, and colour. Despite having a small team this company managed to tackle many types of challenges such as private kitchen areas and also 7 000 sq meter coworking franchises. The chic and classy style that shows in their interior design projects is a reflection of their mindset: to create a project inspired by the client, and above all, inspiring for the client.

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany EH Banner Artigo Estatico

10. K&H Interior

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 10 1

KH Interior is one of the most successful interior design firms in Munich and Passau, Germany, is KH Interior. The owners and interior designers are Andreas Koubek and Gerhard Hartinger. They offer modern home design ideas and have many years of professional experience creating spaces that connect with you for living and working, for private usage and for public engagement.

11. Kiki Schroeder Design

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 11 1024x683

KSD focuses on high-end residential and commercial design projects and provides everything you may demand. All the ingredients for success are being cooked up by Kiki Schroeder Design, from coordination and on-site construction to planning studies! With headquarters in Munich, Hamburg, and Vienna, every single project distinguishes out for its beauty, grace, and elegance.

12. KLM Architekten

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 12 1024x670

KLM Architekten has been founded in 2009 and since this company has worked with more than 30 employees at two particular locations: Leipzig and Berlin. Their projects are heavily based on the areas of building construction, new construction, hotel interior design, and even renewable energies. Counting with a team of 25 architects this is a company with the capacity to take over a variety of services within the fields of architecture, interior design, and remodelling. In every challenge they take on, they are in continuous alignment with the requirements of function, design, and use, having these three keywords in mind through every step of the planning phase.

13. Living Concept Consulting

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 13 1 1024x683

Leading interior design and consulting company Living Concept Consulting focuses on making unique and creative living places. Their team of consultants and designers collaborate closely with clients to create specialised solutions that cater to their particular requirements and preferences. Living Concept Consulting aims to provide great design services that go above and beyond its clients’ expectations, from idea development to project management and implementation.

14. Loft Kolasiński

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 14 1 1024x683

Studio Loft Kolasiński deals with the comprehensive design of private interiors and public spaces. The studio advises and shares knowledge on the selection of furniture, accessories, finishing and construction materials.

15. MALZKORN Interiors & Raumausstattung

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 15 1

Through its parent firm in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, Malzkorn Interiors & Raumausstattung has been providing all of its clients’ requirements for furnishings, sun protection systems, curtains, and floor coverings since 1973. Malzkorn Interiors offers a vast selection of fabrics from brands like Hermés, Jab, Dedar, Pierre Frey, Sahco, Zimmer & Rohde, and many more, covering every aspect of contemporary living. Along with carpets, wall coverings, and housewares, you can find closet systems for the living or sleeping area, upholstered furniture, beds, and dining tables.

16. Made X Munich

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 16 1024x683

Made X Munich designs living or working spaces as a whole, their service starts with the first decision-making: advice on property selection, from overall planning to floor plan design with a comprehensive interior and exterior concept.

17. Neue Werkstätten Gesellschaft

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 17 1024x640

Neue Werkstätten Gesellschaft is a high-end furniture company based in Germany that specializes in crafting bespoke, artisanal furniture pieces. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Neue Werkstätten produces a wide range of custom furniture that reflects their commitment to timeless design and durability. In addition to their impressive selection of furniture, Neue Werkstätten also offers bespoke interior design services, helping clients create unique living spaces that reflect their individual style and taste.


25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 18 1024x512

Nostraforma was originally an Italian store, but over the past 35 years, it has grown and is now a globally operating e-commerce corporation with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. By offering its customers the best selection of curation design, the company Nostraforma is recognised as a top distributor of lighting and furniture design.

19. Otto Von Berlin

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 19

Otto Von Berlin was first created by Slovene Gregor Drobnic, an interior designer currently based on Berlin. He decided he had a passion for interior design while being a student in architecture and has had a career in the industry for over 20 years, having a portfolio in Germany, Eastern Europe and Balkan. Since then the company has become a reference when it comes to an example of an entity 100% client-focused. Whenever they take on a new challenge they make their project based on a question such as what the client needs the space for, what does the client want, how will they use the space among others. As a result, they are used to tackle a variety of distinct styles for either a more causal or luxury type client.

20. Paris 56 – Fine Interiors

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 20 1024x731

Paris56 – Fine Interiors is a renowned design studio founded by Detlev Böhnke. The studio is based in Hamburg, Germany, and specializes in creating high-end, luxurious interiors for residential and commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Detlev and his team bring a unique and sophisticated approach to interior design, blending classic elegance with contemporary style. Their work has been featured in numerous design publications, and they have received international recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

21. Raumkonzept Peter Buchberger

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 21 1024x553

Raumkonzept Peter Buchberger search for the individual living space – from opulent minimalism to elegant understatement. With innovative and high-quality materials and an excellent network of selected international designers, trend scouts, art consultants, craftsmen and manufacturers, the company implements tailor-made solutions.

22. Sabine Kober

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 22

Sabine Kober is one of the best interior designers and stylists from Germany. She has studied Harp, church music and conductorship at the University Of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Now with a long professional career as Interior Designer, she finds her inspiration to create rooms in harmony and aesthetics she finds in the music! In 1986, she and her longtime partner interior designer Norbert E. Kern, founded the KERN-DESIGN, the studio for holistic interior design, in Frankfurt am Main but with offices in Berlin as well.

23. Silvia Deck

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 23 1024x769

Silvia Decke is a passionate interior design studio with a pronounced tendency towards clarity, simplicity and the all-important tasks of creating atmosphere. Their sophisticated projects are based on extensive concept work while maintaining functionality and creativity.

24. The Inner House

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 24 1024x684

The Inner House is part of the top 20 interior designers of Berlin and is the result of the ambition of Markus Altaver, who knew he had it in him as a designer since redesigning his room when he was 12 years old. This tendency only intensified when he discovered an Art Déco table lamp at 16, and it solidified whit actions such as travelling, redesigning his own home, and also helping his friends with renovations and planning. Among the services this company provides, we can definitely point to basic, detailed, and execution planning, including elements such as colour, material and lighting concepts, as well as furniture design. Asa matter of fact, the name of the company is very related to the style it has aim to make any environment they take on (be them living or working environments) turn into a more beautiful and functional place that expresses visually what can be found inside.

25. Theodora Kaya

25 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part III: Germany 25

Theodora Kaya has been flourishing in the world of interior design. Having worked as a wedding planner, the designer discovered how strong her love for interior design is, which led her to explore aesthetics and invest in a new path.


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