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Why You Should Create Your Design Project With Salmon Pink This Summer

Outdoor or indoor, this unique hue is what your design project needs this season. If you are one of those design lovers who love to follow the timeless summer trends these incredible design ideas are just for you!

This incredible hue can be easily incorporated not only through paints and bespoke furnishings, as well as unique lighting designs. For those of you who love a good dose of design ideas, it is time to clear your mind, grab your pen and paper, and get ready to enter the magical wave of summer inspirations for your next design project!

design project Why You Should Create Your Design Project With Salmon Pink This Summer

Summer has arrived with its incredible vibes and so it’s time to get inspired with the best interior design ideas and summer trends. If you want to create a dreamy design project, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry because we are going to show the ultimate inspirational mood board regarding one of the season’s timeless colors.

Salmon pink is one of the top summer color trends that transmit those summer vibes in a cool and collected way. This incredible color can really elevate you design project, making it go from great to out of this world! We are going to show you a few design ideas starring this fabulous hue to help you get started with your design. Are you ready to be inspired?

Here is a great example of how a unique outdoor design project should look like. Starring the beautiful Fable swing by Essential Home, this unique space features a trendy background composed of some dark salmon walls and a few desert plants. How gorgeous does this look like?

This commercial design project features a unique color combination which is the secret to its incredible success among interior design enthusiasts. The incredible salmon tone is highlighted in the gorgeous chandelier, thanks to its rose gold finish.

This living room design project is all about the multiple shades of the trendy summer color. The soothing ambiance is enhanced by the dark yellow and terracotta armchairs, also known as Marco by Essential Home. The unique Brando side table (by the same mid-century brand) is the cherry on top of the cake to complete this unique look.

Last but not least, here is another incredible commercial design project that is all about the timeless summer salmon with the trendy mint green combinations. The star of the show is without a doubt the velvety bespoke furnishings, also known as Monroe armchair and Florence stool.

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design project Why You Should Create Your Design Project With Salmon Pink This Summer

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