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Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn?

If you feel inspired by the mid-century Hollywood universe and its Stars, you can’t miss this article!

Hollywood industry is an idols-machine since the early days… if you are a cinema lover, I’m sure you would love to see your name written in the Hollywood Walk of Fame! We don’t know how to turn your dream into reality, but we know that mid-century furniture can help you bringing the glamour of the Golden Days to your routine.

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During the 50’s, American cinema was dominated by elegant actresses who turned into icons, shaping the concept of beauty around the world. Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and many others continue to shine during our days and inspire present generations.

But, there are two names you probably missed in the list: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. They are major references and, for many years, women struggle to decide which of them has more sense of style. If you are sure about which of them inspired you the most, offer your space the unique pieces we have selected for you.mid-century Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn? 2

Oh, Audrey… you made us dream with Rome, you taught us how to still a million dollars, what a fair lady look alike and you made thousands of girls dream with breakfast at Tiffanys.

Audrey is known for an elegant silhouette and discreet (but luxurious) outfits. During her life, she always inspired women with the delicacy of her moves and words (maybe as result of the years of ballet she practiced). She also supported humanitarian causes bringing a sense of social responsibility to the cinema universe. Such an inspiration…

…and Essential Home caught it hard! The Hepburn Cabinet can be used as drinks cabinet, sitting well in a modern home bar, or a private country club salon. Looks like it was stolen from “Breakfast at Tiffanys” set! The same happens with the timeless mid-century inspired Grace Sofa where you can sit and enjoy your drink in the best style. The shape of this sofa will keep you elegant and also allows you to stay romanticly close from your beloved. And, in the end of the night, Monocles Screen gives you the necessary confidence to get ready to go bed keeping the secrecy and discretion you love.

mid-century Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn? 1 1Emerge into the exquisite and elegant mid-century style of one of the most chic woman in the world!

mid-century Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn? 1

And now… time to get inspired by the Hollywood “Goddess” Marilyn Monroe. Sexy and provocative, Marilyn’s curves made many men dream and also many women envy her. Owner of a singular style, she was a Muse for many international designers breaking boundaries for women’s self-confidence about body exposure.

With her sweet kindness and talent, she taught us “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “Gentlemen prefer blondes”. She told us everything can start on a “Bus stop” if “Some Like IT Hot”… so, with further ado, if you feel like a Marily, take a look into our suggestions!

In Essential Home, we believe if Marilyn was a furniture piece, she would be the Monroe ArmchairAn enchanting piece fit for girly and glamorous interiors with a velvet touch that makes it super luxurious. A real Marilyn is assumedly vain and proud of her image so a unique and irreverent mirror must be a mandatory piece for you. What about Diamond Big Mirror? This amazing piece will add a rich element to any interior inspired by Marylin’s jewels.mid-century Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn? 2 1Is known Monroe spent almost her life in Los Angeles so you can’t ignore it. Ivete Floor lamp is ready to bring a Californian vibe to your room. Defy your taste with this groovy example of mid-century modern furniture and dream like an eccentric actress!

If you feel as an Oscars Winner or an iconic Sex Symbol, don’t forget… mid-century modern is always the one and only choice when talking about Hollywood Industry!

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mid-century Mid-Century Hollywood: Are You A Monroe Or A Hepburn?
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