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Essential Home Inspirations Blog has gathered some of the best inspirations for your high ceiling luxury rooms!

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The modular sofa and the armchair have the perfect color palette to match this modern living room! Inspired by the 1940s movie scene, this design is a lighter take on its family’s darker design. Crafted with the highest quality materials such as leather and velvet, this luxurious swivel single sofa provides the utmost comfort and accessibility with its rotating feature and will perfectly adapt to different ambiances and styles, becoming a focal feature in any space.

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The Beyond Long Side Table matches the Beyond Long Bookcase, also designed specifically for this project. Right in the middle, the Empire Set I Center Table, a glamorous and charming modular two-piece round table made with bronze brass, Emperador Dark Marble & Nata Elastron Leather.

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This high ceiling room belongs to the Hyatt Regency Aqab Ayla Resort, in Jordan. The designer responsible for this project was Yabu Pushelberg.

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Single changes in your living room can make all the difference. Just take a look at how the Novak sofa combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision and upgrades instantly the room!

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This sober, but yet luxurious division decor is well complemented by the brass suspension chandeliers, hanging on the high ceiling. Touches of gold and brass bring a unique ambiance to this space.

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A great example of a high ceiling living room project is this one, by the well-known in the luxury interior design world: AB Concept.

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Craftsmanship and luxury converge in one, when we take a second to look at this stunning living room decor. The burgundy armchair by Essential Home, Ellen Armchair, is a luxury statement, combining with the glamourous gold chandelier!

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Warm and elegant modern neutral living room with curated designs ready to enlighten your life.The minimalist and industrial feeling to the suspension lights, make it easy to understand its mid-century inspiration. Coltrane is a simple suspended ceiling light, which is handmade in steel.

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When we think of high ceilings, we instantly remember the work of Lauren CoburnThis contemporary and neutral living room is a great example of comfort and luxury. And…have you seen how the rug embraces the whole living area? Amazing!

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Bright and smooth, this living room tells us exactly how to blend the optimism and joy of the soft color with the glamorous appeal and fancy glimmering of golden hues. Incredibly modern, endlessly gorgeous with curated designs ready to go.

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