Diamonds Are Interior Designers’ Best Friend

Interior Design,  Marilyn Monroe and Diamonds…

…Square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don’t loose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Black Starr
Frost Gorham and…


Essential Home Diamonds…

Inspired by asymmetrical and dazzling shapes of a Diamond rock, Essential Home collection’s mirror is the ultimate combination of geometry and design. The use of gold enhances the luxurious element within this object resulting in a sophisticated yet, dynamic piece that stands out in any ambiance. A true revolution on mid-century modern design.


Diamonds Are Interior Designers' Best Friend


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Carbon Bar Design by Khosla Associates

The Park Hotel’s latest property in Hyderabad, has a central theme of a contemporary palace, several designers from across the world were commissioned to design its varied spaces using the erstwhile Nizam of Hyderabad’s jewels as inspiration.
Khosla Associates were commissioned to design the Hotel’s bar “Carbon”.
Central to the theme of the bar is the creation of an over scaled and highly  faceted structure that boldly references the multiple facets of a black diamond; the idea is abstracted by creating a dramatic faceted labyrinth that dynamically and unpredictably envelopes the entire space.


Diamonds Are Interior Designers' Best Friend


Diamond Bathtub

With the style of a precious jewel, the Diamond bathtub, will make a splash in interior design. The exterior of this fanciful piece is presented in silver leaf nished with a luxurious shade of translu – cent black with high gloss varnish. The bathtub also features a highly sculptured body leading to a gold interior.

Diamonds Are Interior Designers' Best Friend

Magnificent Wool Carpet Diamond Pattern


Diamonds Are Interior Designers' Best Friend

Diamond House by  Formwerkz Architects in Singapore

Developed for a small family that drastically cherish their privacy, the house turns it back on the street and the sides the place the neighbours are in near proximity. Like a monolith resting more than the gardens, the single, faceted volume property the principal spaces with their principal view to the waterway.The primary entrance brings one into the centre of the home with the residing and dining area on the sides. The upper floors are split in the middle into 2 volumes that house the daughter and the parent’s bedrooms. The basement accommodate the guest area, enjoyment, solutions and garage.
The geometry resembles a big Diamond, with some kind of motto “Home is our jewel, precious stone”.

Diamonds Are Interior Designers' Best Friend


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