24 Christmas Wall Decorations That Go Far Beyond Framed Art

If there’s one hard-and-fast rule in the design world, it’s this: A blank wall is a missed opportunity. It could be that final missing touch of personality in a room, a chance to tell your story and reveal hints about who you are and what you value. Here are 24 Christmas wall decorations that go far beyond framed art and will elevate your interior design style.


01. Bronze Accents

Hayley Lunde

Up your living room’s cozy quotient with mood lighting. In a 1910 Craftsman house, Hayley Lunde deployed a circular June Home Supply candle sconce on each side of the window. “I loved the idea of adding these sconces after I saw some on TV in the era that matched our home,” Lunde says.

02. Ho-Ho-Hexagons

Shelby Vanhoy

These three hexagonal mirrors might be here year-round, but they’ve never looked this good. Pretty in the Pines’ Shelby Vanhoy says she usually opts for framed art when creating a gallery wall but couldn’t resist these mirrors to fill out the wall above her sofa. “The asymmetrical layout was a clean, simple, yet unique setup,” Vanhoy says. “For a cozy seasonal upgrade, I tied greenery to the frame of each.”

03. A Warm Welcome

Hayley Lunde

To give a practical entryway a statement edge, take a cue from Hayley Lunde, who flanked the nook of her Red Wing, Minnesota, house with festive greenery and complementary pillows. “My goal with our home has always been to create spaces that feel like they have always been there,” Lunde says. “This is probably my favorite area in our house because it is sooo fun to decorate for all the different holidays and seasons.”

04. Evergreen Exuberance

Maryna Terletska | Getty Images

Maybe you’re all about minimalism the rest of the year but not afraid to go “ham” on decor during the holiday season. This festive Ukrainian wall dressing is a maximalist’s heaven: green on green on green, with a flourish of gold ornaments and twinkling lights. It’s just the cure for those winter blues.

05. Starstruck Style

Justin Jordan

Who can resist a dedicated design theme? When it comes to finding inspiration, Bethany Adams’s latest decor project is proof that one needn’t look far. Here, Adams carried the pendant’s starlike qualities throughout the room, with lighted stars hung on the wall via seemingly invisible string. “When decorating for the holidays, I like to play off the permanent elements of the room—in this case the fabulous starburst light fixture, burgundy silk draperies, and brass accents,” Adams says.

06. All Decked Out

Rebecca Lopez

Maybe you are committed to taking up more white space. So embrace your love of conifers with a custom wall piece that looks way more time-intensive than it is. “Creating custom holiday decor doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive,” says the Crafted Sparrow’s Rebecca Lopez. “A simple branch paired with seasonal wreaths and ribbon or faux leather makes for a beautiful statement piece in minutes.”

07. Festive Furnishings

John McClain

Designer John McClain is here to remind us that inspiration can be drawn from the unlikeliest of places—even somewhere a little more “off the wall,” so to speak. “Use what you have,” he says. This bookcase was accented with ribbon and wreaths, strategically placed in the center of each opening for a look that makes an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture really come to life.

08. Elegant Restraint

Nicoletta Romei | EyeEm | Getty Images

Maybe your console wants its place in the spotlight. A tasteful, delicate ornamentation like this carefully strung singular star offers a pared-back moment of understated adornment. Bonus tip: This works really well when you have a particularly stunning wall color that is a moment in its own right.

09. Minimal Maximalism

Michael Sinclair

Whatever you’ve been told about blank walls does not apply here—this wallpaper is all the decor you need. In this moody London home, House of Hackney cofounders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle ripped up the rulebook by pairing this exquisitely detailed wallpaper with other traditional prints for a look that is as opulent as it is restrained.

10. A Classy Conifer

Morgan McBride

Consider using household items as an easy, low-maintenance way to add some flair to an otherwise bare wall. This boho-style Christmas tree wall hanging is as playful as it is lovely. “Boho-style decor is very trendy, and boho holiday decor doesn’t have to be an exception,” says Charleston Crafted’s Morgan McBride. “This wall hanging uses multiple styles of texture but is easy to create and put your own variations on, depending on how you want to dye the fabric and what ‘ornaments’ you use.”

11. Abstract Abode

Monika Hibbs

Sure, you might not have a lot of wall real estate in your humble abode, but who needs a completely circular wreath anyway? Take notes from this setup by Monika Hibbs and opt for an abstract wreath that has all the drama one desires for a proper holiday moment. Pepper some gingerbreadlike houses and gilded candlesticks below for the final finishing touch—and it all comes half circle!

12. Experiment With Tree Branches

Lina Östling | Folio | Getty Images

A living room in Sweden is the perfect example of how to work a rustic tree branch into your holiday decor. Cover it in greenery then add a collection of wreaths in different sizes for an eye-catching look.

13. Spruce Up Every Nook

Craftberry Bush

Of course, high-traffic areas like your living room or dining space should be outfitted for the holiday season, but don’t forget about your entryway wall. A comfy plaid blanket, greenery, and pine cones play up the holiday spirit in Lucy Atkins’s home.

14. Celebrate With An Advent Calendar

Nils Hendrik Mueller

What better way to celebrate Advent calendar season than by displaying your favorite in a prime spot in your home?

15. Add A Classic Wreath

We can all appreciate a statement Christmas tree, but if you live in a small space, that’s probably not the most practical option. Instead, consider an illuminated Christmas wreath that can be easily displayed on a living room wall.

16. Berry-Filled Garland

Roman Larin | EyeEm | Getty Images

Whether it’s your living room or entryway, your space can benefit from a wall that’s decked out in berry-filled garland.

17. Remember Your Holiday Cards

zoomphotographics | Getty Images

Make your colorful cards a part of your bookshelf decor. Just a few colorful designs on each shelf will do the trick.

18. Incorporate Vintage Accents

Sarah Vandiver; Little Vintage Nest

Believe it or not, there’s room to incorporate vintage accessories into your holiday decor. Take a cue from this living room by Little Vintage Nest, which features a vintage sled alongside a burlap sack of Christmas tree clippings.

19. Showcase Stockings

Getty Images

Even if you don’t have a mantel, you can still show off your Christmas stockings. Add personality to a blank wall by hanging a trio of stylish stockings.

20. Use Red Bows

Jun Zhang | Getty Images

The addition of simple red bows are sometimes all that’s needed to make a decorative accessory, like an antique mirror, feel festive.

21. Consider A Wreath And Candlesticks

Getty Images

Go for a traditional look with a lush wreath and gold candlesticks.

22. Display Festive Dishware

Getty Images

Christmas is the time to go bold with your plates, cups, and kitchen accessories. It’s a simple way to jazz up a drab kitchen shelf and take your holiday decor to the next level.

23. Enhance Art With Garland

Just Destiny

A touch of garland and pine cones draped across wall art can add to your holiday aesthetic.

24. Have Fun With Wreaths

Emma Duckworth

Greenery always makes a room feel more welcoming. For the Christmas season, experiment with a trio of wreaths in different styles and sizes.