There’s nothing new about using terracotta to incorporate in your home décor, actually this color dates back thousands of years! In fact it has never gone out of style, but lately it has seen a resurgence th
Can you name a better thing than a cozy couch where you can kick up your heels and relax after a long day at work? We can! A bigger, cozier sectional where you can recharge the batteries for the daily basis wit
Colorful palettes, hypertexture, home wellness – a new way of living arises and we can always count on Maison et Objet to discover upcoming interior design trends. In the world of interior design, ju
A 40 000 square feet brand new showroom, filled with more than 2000 curated design pieces from one of the most prestigious design group of the world: Covet Group. In this astonishing new area, you’ll be able
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Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde’s buzzed-about new film starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, isn’t just drawing attention for its glamorous cast, but also for its beautiful setting. Wilde and produc
When you’re decorating a home, knowing the differences between popular interior design styles can make all the difference in honing your personal tastes and curating the perfect room. Maybe you’ve moved int
If you’re completely enthralled by the amazing interiors of some of the best TV shows right now, then join the club! When it comes to incredible TV sets, thriller, mystery and horror TV shows do it best, espe
Today we bring to you the work of the Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. She was amongst the most prominent design figures worldwide and her buildings include the Lon