The Best Mid-Century Furniture Pieces For Your Home Decor In One Place

Get ready for a masterpost of mid-century modern furniture pieces you just won’t dare resist!

As the year comes to an end, you’re probably looking for the statement piece for your home decor that will take 2019 by storm. Well, if you’re looking to decorate your home and are searching for the best high-quality furniture pieces, we’ve got the best ones for 2019 for you! Find out in this masterpost the best mid-century furniture pieces that you’ll fall in love with in seconds.

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The Best Mid-Century Furniture Pieces For Your Home Decor In One Place

Ellen Dining Chair

Ellen is a fanciful dining chair full of luxurious features. Its distinctive open curved back is extremely sculptured and it contrasts with the slim legs made of polished brass. It is upholstered in velvet and has mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad. It’s the perfect dining chair for the modern interior design lover, ready for 2019 best color schemes.

Collins Dining Chair

Collins dining chair is designed with a classic retro chic feel, and comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. It has welted stitches on the seat and a stylist degree reclining on the crescent open back. The backrest is convex, allowing comfortable seating, and perfect to pair with a circular dining table. The velvet can easily be changed to other materials such as leather, as well as color, depending on your needs!

Dean Armchair

Inspired by the cultural icon James Dean, this leather upholstered armchair has a slender boxy look and curvy arms, and expresses, somehow, his role in his most celebrated film: Rebel Without a Cause. Its frame construction is classic, made of lacquered wood and polished brass, giving it an unmistakable characteristic of a lounge chair. The inspiration behind it is what gives this piece such a unique personality that is a must-have in your living room in 2019.

The Best Mid-Century Furniture Pieces For Your Home Decor In One Place

Blake Shelf

Blake is a modular bookcase system easily customizable to any measures needed. The custom-made nero marquina marble doors have a lightweight core that conveys solidity. This glaring modular brass and walnut wood structure creates a stunning combination of materials that showcases the know-how of our artisans. Besides being the perfect addition to a living room or home office/library, it’s a work of art on its own, a design that is impossible to ignore.

The Best Mid-Century Furniture Pieces For Your Home Decor In One Place

Gable Dining Chair

Gable dining chair is part of a larger design collection for the living room. It features a round polished brass swivel base that contrasts with the dreamy cotton leather. Its curved low back has some stitched seam accents that give it a stylish look. Since its height is 85 cm, it can also be used as a side chair. The beautiful bright color and playful design makes this a casual dining chair that brings much more than a simple high-quality design, but also a modern chair perfect for the upcoming year.

The Best Mid-Century Furniture Pieces For Your Home Decor In One Place

Reeves Chair

Reeves is an accent chair that could easily be considered a piece of futuristic furniture, due to its edgy and stylish design. The chair-back and legs are made of a tubular brass structure, simulating a crescent bow on the back, typical of Windsor style chairs. It is finished with single loose cushions, both on the seat and back, upholstered with a sophisticated leather. This chair is the embodiment of modern design and definitely the right choice for a statement piece in your home.

Lautner Center Table

Lautner is a coffee table that stands out for its curved edges, mixing earth-tone colors from the varnished walnut wood and polished brass. Its artisan quality and crafted work provides a striking centerpiece for your living room. It has a moody smoked glass on the top and a shelf at the base that offers additional storage. A center table with a glass top is the perfect choice for your home, ready to take 2019 by storm.

Ivete Floor Lamp

Ivete is a mid-century floor lamp that shaped as a palm tree, that features a square carrara marble base and gold plated brass leaves. Its design makes this lighting fixture the perfect decorative piece for an exotic environment, which can be used in a modern living room or a stylish dining room. Make your home decor groovy and stylish with this incredible lighting piece as unique as your home decor will become.

Russel Bar Chair

Russel bar chair delves into space age aesthetics, being produced in creamy velvet fabrics mixed with polished brass. The base is round and swivels up to 360 degrees, providing comfort through the foot rail. Adorn your kitchen and home bar with a sophisticated design piece that incorporates all of the mid-century elements.

Romero Armchair

Romero is a lounge chair where the geometric sleek lines merge with comfort. It is inspired in the boldest side of modernism, featuring oblique armrests with a fully upholstered body in velvet. It has a slim leg style made of polished brass and a small ball foot, providing a sophisticated accent profile to it. Costumizable, it’s perfect to embody your needs, turning into the perfect mid-century modern piece for your living room.

Monroe Armchair

Inspired by the seductive movements of the iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe, this crescent accent chair is an elegant and retro chic piece of furniture inspired by the 60’s design legacy. It is fully upholstered in velvet and has a brass trim on the base. An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors. An inspiring design piece, it’s a versatile armchair, perfect for a bedroom corner, living room or even a contract project.

Botti Side Table

Botti is an elegant side table designed in an attractive hourglass shape and finely produced in gold platted brass, accented by a glossy black detail on the middle. The table top is round and features a pattern that resembles the growth ring of the trees. Botti is an accent piece by itself, and can be a striking decorative feature for both ends of a sofa. A luxurious side table such as Botti is the perfect addition for your home decor, a piece of design that you won’t want to miss out on having in your living room.

Dandy Sideboard

Dandy is a sleek and stylish sideboard. Since it is very versatile, it can be used as a drinks cabinet and be placed both in a living or dressing room. Its body is entirely made of solid walnut wood and it resembles a kitsch radio because of its shape and the use of grill cloth on the doors. It is accented by a brass trim on the body edges and supported by tapered legs with brass ferrules. The best from Scandinavian design roots that will still very much be a trend in 2019.

Sophia Bed

Sophia is a mid-century styled panel bed, with bonded velvet on the headboard and footboard, expertly stitched from the top to the bottom and accented with tufted brass buttons on both sides. It features square legs made of polished brass, which turn this bed into an inspiring design retro furniture piece. For your bedroom, this is the perfect bed to have a good night sleep while combining comfort and incredible design and style. You can even make it a single bed, perfect for a child’s room.

Monocles Folding Screen

Monocles screen is a refined 3-panel room divider. Produced in solid walnut wood, it is accentuated by a polished brass frame and bass holes that let you glimpse into the other side. The mix between the materials give a warm and natural look to your office, living room or bedroom decor. Stylish like no other.

Novak Sofa

Novak is a mid-century furniture piece that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision. The base is rectangular, but it has a contrasting low back with rounded shapes, upholstered with a sophisticated leather and finished with piping detail.

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