Hollywood Glamour by MASQUESPACIO: A Collection Like "In The Movies"

Three sets of products will take you to your favorite movie set through excellence in design that is adaptable for every type of project, from the modern residential idea to the shabby chic hotel bar design. The collection is inspired by different actors and actresses from the past and the present and connect together or just can stand out separately. From the romantic movie “An Affair to Remember”’ to the burlesque world of Zsa Zsa Gabor and the strong presence of Charlie’s Angels. Essential Home's New “Hollywood Glamour” collection by Masquespacio is a collection that redefines the limits of the products and shows its versatility is unique and unexpected spaces.h the geometrical concept of design comfortably while keeping the luxury mid-century modern feel to it.

Discover it with Essential Home!


Kelly Bar Chair KELLY BAR CHAIR >
Collins Dining Chair COLLINS DINING CHAIR >
Diamond Small Mirror DIAMOND SMALL MIRROR >
Monocles Sideboard MONOCLES SIDEBAORD >
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