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Discover Karim Rashid’s New Stunning Collection With Essential Home & DelightFULL

It’s finally here! Let’s discover Karim Rashid’s brand new collection, a special collaboration with the renowned mid-century Portuguese brands, Essential Home and DelightFULL. Continue scrolling to find out everything about this stunning collection with its high-end colorful furniture and lighting!

karim rashid Discover Karim Rashid’s New Stunning Collection With Essential Home & DelightFULL

We live in the age of casualism. In the non-stop connectivity of our digital age, there is a blurring of all social and human behaviors, creating this new casual age in which we live in. Home is now work, sanctuary, school, restaurant, and movie theater. With the Kasual collection, Karim creates a perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, stunning beauty, and form. At this age, Kasual collection fits like a glove independently of the setting.

“I would refer to the Kasual collection as casual luxury with fabrics and details that are rich, yet with a minimal simple softness and ease where new comforts prevail. Our home furnishings must take on greater importance to support our life with comfort, ergonomics, and contemporary inspiration!”

With a curated selection of stunning pastel and vibrant colors that balance together perfectly, as well as typical mid-century materials that come together with a contemporary twist, this collection brings the precision of form and refined detail to a whole other level. At the epitome of design, Kasual collection is the best of both worlds: casual and luxurious, all wrapped up into a selection of incredibly designed furniture and lighting pieces that will bring timeless and precious value to any project.

Sculptured in meticulous fashion with incredible attention to detail and an exuberant design, Karim brings Kasual to life with emotion, creating home furnishings that are functional but still stunning. Creativity is a strong suit in this collection, enticing the eye with new possibilities and forms. Soft and elegant, each piece is designed with a human and sensual feeling, bringing contemporary and mid-century together in a revolutionary way.

While many design trends come and go, the mid-century modern style is well-entrenched in today’s design vocabulary. A design style characterized by a contemporary touch, somewhat a futuristic aesthetic and an emphasis on function. 

Contemporary means ‘at the moment’, which makes this style particularly hard to define. Dating back to the 1970s, this style is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. In it, you can see nods to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. 

Nowadays, contemporary style can be described as the perfect mix between modern and transitional elements in a warm and fresh way to create a cohesive space. We need to think of soothing, calm, tranquil, and cool, but not cold. Achieving the right balance between these two aesthetics can be a challenge, but not with the Kasual collection. Each design piece of Karim Rashid’s new collection will make any home renovation or design project look mod.


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karim rashid Discover Karim Rashid’s New Stunning Collection With Essential Home & DelightFULL
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