Discover The New Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Studiopepe Collection!

Studiopepe presents you with incredible new mid-century furniture products part of their successful collection “Happy Few”!

Studiopepe is one of the biggest names in design, and Essential Home is one of the best mid-century furniture brands in the world. It only makes sense they came together to create the most exclusive collection. We’ve presented you with “Happy Few“, a mid-century modern furniture collection you will fall in love with if you’re a design lover like us, in the past, and today we bring you more products designed by Studiopepe for this incredible collection!

Discover The New Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Studiopepe Collection! artigo

As tight-living, multifunctional and flexible spaces in our homes became more popular, the perfect modular sofa can be the true shapeshifter. Rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure, the new version of Studiopepe’s Fitzgerald sofa is modular in shape, color & design, providing individual comfort like no other. With the same Italian architectural inspiration, the series of sectional modules can be arranged into practically every desired shape for any space.

The Zelda small armchair is a reinterpretation of the classic cockpit armchair with soft and enveloping shapes. Its backrest keeps the same rounded outline for extra comfort and the body is fully upholstered in Alpaca wool for a soothing touch. To enhance the design, the Zelda Small Armchair also features a bespoke brushed brass base that turns this modern organic furniture piece into the perfect fit with any space.

Keeping the same modern look as the single sofa, this Zelda sofa by Studiopepe is a three-seater piece upholstered in premium materials produced to last a lifetime. Also available in a bigger size, the bespoke Zelda sofa features a generously rounded outline through its entire structure and an oversize backrest with a signature central fold surrounding a soft and organic seat.

The Isadora dining chair has become one of the public’s favorite pieces from the Studiopepe collection with Essential Home, so the designers decided to elevate the spark and create a sleek and modern bar chair that features the same symmetrical flair. The Isadora bar chair is an artistic furniture design that is upholstered with the finest velvet textile and features a minimalist brass base to complement the look.

Featuring a sleek and modern design of the family, Zelda by Studiopepe is the first daybed to enter Essential Home’s bespoke furniture collection. A daybed is such a dynamic and versatile piece of furniture that will work in many areas of your home. This unique design can have multiple purposes for your project, depending on the place where it stands. Zelda’s asymmetrical feature enhances its sculptural identity, while the bigger seat makes it even more cozy and comfortable.

Check out the entire collection by Studiopepe x Essential Home!

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