Ideal bedroom: 5 design tips

It is clear that the design of the bedroom – a purely individual matter, because the interior of this room must fully adapt to its owner: its needs, character and temperament. Nevertheless, we have prepared for you the five universal advice, which in any case will only improve the design of the bedroom and help you feel comfortable in it.

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Easy interior and nothing extra

Few people will like to fall asleep in a room more like a closet or, at best, a magical treasure box. The bedroom should be as spacious as possible, so that you can easily think and breathe. Try to use in the design only the necessary furniture and a minimum of decor. Do not overload the design with a lot of details, including an overly active wallpaper pattern. If you still want to decorate walls unusually, it’s best to stick unusual wallpaper not on the whole perimeter, but on one of the walls. Best of all, if it is a wall behind the head of the bed – the bedroom will look spectacular, but the drawing will not attract your attention to itself while you are trying to sleep.

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Very good and easy in the interior of the bedroom will look floating furniture – hanging bedside tables, tables and even a floating bed. Particularly relevant this solution will be if you have a small bedroom.

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Consider the storage system

As a rule, the bedroom stores more things than even in the living room or hallway. That it does not turn into a problem, and that the whole room is not trapped in cumbersome cabinets, curbstones and things that have nowhere to hide, it is advisable to think over the storage system in advance. Especially if the bedroom is small. In this case, it is best to make built-in cabinets with smooth facades in the color of the walls – they will visually dissolve in the design of the room. You can also use the space under and even above the bed.

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Women’s corner

When you have already excluded from the interior of the bedroom all the unnecessary and decided where to store the necessary, then for sure it will be possible to allocate space for the organization of a “female” corner, which is not needed except in a room for a bachelor. If the bedroom is intended for two or, especially, for a free lady, then there is no way to do without a dressing table. And think about its location is desirable in advance – to fit into the interior, as it should, and make-up was convenient to do, and the lighting was at the proper level. Believe me, a properly designed dressing table in the interior of the bedroom is the guarantee of a good mood for any girl and woman.

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Different lighting scenarios

In the bedroom should be comfortable at different times of the day: in the morning when you are going to work, and in the evening when you want to create an intimate atmosphere, and before bed, if you want to read a book, when the “second half” wants to sleep early. All this is possible only thanks to different lighting scenarios – one chandelier (even with a dimmer that regulates the brightness of artificial light), alas, can not do. At a minimum, it is worth organizing additional and independent lighting on both sides of the bed. The maximum – to arrange in a room such illumination that it is direct on all occasions.

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Buy quality bed linen

In the end, when you close your eyes, lying in bed, the only thing that matters in the design of the bedroom is a tactile sensation. Therefore, we advocate for exceptionally high quality bed linen for the season. So, you will be warmed in the winter and will not stick to the sheets in the summer, you will be pleased to feel the touch of natural textiles, and what to say about the aesthetic pleasure of having a luxury kit? Saving on this definitely can not be!

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