If you’re thinking of visiting Milan in 2023 (and you definitely should!) this essential Milan design guide is perfect for you! Milan is not the first city that tourists think about, however it’s the number
Studiopepe presents you with incredible new mid-century furniture products part of their successful collection “Happy Few”! Studiopepe is one of the biggest names in design, and Essential Home is one of
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Studiopepe’s new collection is a mid-century lover’s dream come true! Meet “Happy Few”! Studiopepe, one of the biggest interior design studios in the world, is launching today their newest work, incredi
Discover how Studiopepe was able to bring their modern and contemporary twist to vintage style with an incredible upcoming mid-century collection with two luxury design brands! Being one of the leading interior
ÉLITIS luxury fabrics are considered to be the top of their fame so it is only natural that the inspiring mid-century furniture collections by the Italian best interior designers were made with these unique lu
Get ready to find out some exclusive behind the scenes info about Studiopepe and Carlo Donati’s newest mid-century collections with Essential Home. The final countdown has started but it is always good to tak
Here are to share with you some exclusive details about our new mid-century collection born by our incredible partnership with both Studiopepe & Carlo Donati! Continue scrolling to find out! Studiopepe and
By this time you’ve realized that Studiopepe and Carlo Donati are two of our favorite Italian designers thanks to their creativity and unique taste! Studiopepe and Carlo Donati are two of the greatest interio
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