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Things You Didn’t Know About Mid-century Modern Furniture

Well, today's issue is different from the usual. Yes, we are going to talk about mi-century modern furniture: but the thing is, do you think do you know already
Get Inspired By: A Mid-Century Home By Fimera Design

We watched a mid-century modern movement of popularity starting in the 30s and hasn't left the home mid-century style decor lexicon ever since – it's been reworked,
The Beauty Of Mixing Mid-Century Furniture With Brass

One of the great things about the interior design world is how things are always changing, yet some classics are kept unchanged and still work perfectly. One of those
Ever wondered how a rug can complete or even change a decor? We’ll show you how with these incredible rugs! Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to complete your living room decor or that entryway of your home t
Is your room dull and uninteresting? We got the perfect remedie! Come along with us and discover the perfect mid-century rugs inspiration for your house! Ever looked around your house and thought there was some
Rugs are an excellent way to make a statement in your living room decor, so let’s get to it. Now that we have established that geometric and floral prints will be one of the big 2018 trends, we can move on to