No dining room is truly every complete without the perfect set of mid-century dining chairs. With your next big interior design renovation coming it’s only natural that we all want to have our houses ready to
Italy’s best interior designers are one of the greatest specialists in the world and what better way to look for inspiration for your next project than to admire their famous works, don’t you think? Besides
Decorating a home can be a long and exhausting process, but also revigorating and exciting. You can play with different styles, furniture and lighting options, as well as color palettes and textures. If you’r
Douglas Mackie is one of the UK’s top interior designers and has been featured on the House and Garden Magazine’s “Leading 100 Designers” list for the last 15 years. Based in Marylebone, in Centra
The ’70s are an important decade in music, design and media. The design inspiration from this time is such a joy to behold, especially when done right. The patterns, the textures, the heft of the furniture, t
It’s time to embrace curves in our home spaces. By softening harsh lines, the space can often look more open and inviting to guests while also making a statement to be looked at for its unique shape. Get star
Though purple might be associated with enduring opulence and royalty, it rarely takes center stage in our spaces due to how tricky it is to find colors that perfectly pair with it. Purple offers ample versatil
Abu Dhabi, known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, was selected as the perfect location for Le Grand Penthouse, entirely projected and decorated by LUXXU. The design and art scenes of the city are rather str
Instagram has become a source of inspiration across all fronts. It has become a tool for interior designers to share their work, meet people and produce a stunning portfolio. A new wave of interior designers ar
 Here’s some of the best interior designers and newcomers you should know about! Get inspired by the best interior designers featured in this article, including Nicole Hollis, Draga & Aurel, Studiopepe,