Oscars 2020: Behind The Scenes Of Your Favorite Movies!

Now that we know the Oscars winners 2020, let’s focus on the nominations for Best Picture and take a look at the behind the scenes of these incredible movies!

The Oscars 2020 was this Sunday and it brought us some incredible surprises, touching speeches, red carpet trends and amazing pieces of art in the form of cinematography. Even though we already know the Oscars 2020 winners, we’re going behind the scenes to honor some of the best movies nominated for Best Picture and the stunning set designs of each of them. Want to come with us?


🎬 Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

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Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a homage to Hollywood in the 70s, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and more. The director’s 9th movie and it’s a love letter to the city he grew up, according to production designer, Barbara Ling. She was the one that set the color scheme for the movie, taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s previous work and the typical 60s and 70s look that is so iconic.

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Mid-century houses, vintage restaurants and bars, a warm and bright color palette and a whole lot of accessories and even movie posters.

“Quentin has this very rare magnificent film poster collection, which we used for the decor,” Ling says. “He had very specific pieces and put out his own personal decorations, such as a Hopalong Cassidy cup.” 

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Set decorator Nancy Haigh also designed some of these iconic mid-century designs, such as a bar that was heavily influenced by the decor from Spanish westerns, as well as the typical bar accessories of the 60s and 70s.

Our Editor’s Choice

🎬 Joker

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It was production designer Mark Friedberg that made Joker come to life with color or lack of it (it depended on the mood of the scene after all). Apparently, he wasn’t too thrilled on the idea of working on another superhero movie, due to past experiences that he didn’t particularly like, but when he read the script for Joker, he knew he had to accept.

“This was a gritty, tough drama grounded in substance. The color palette was going to be dissonance.”

Mark Friedberg
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Mark’s favorite set is definitely the headquarts of Hahas, the company Fleck works as a clown for hire. It’s not a picture perfect place, in fact, it’s supposed to look run down, dirty, a simple rug store located in Harlem under a highway on the edge of the city. “It’s an odd environment but because of this reality, it’s not supposed to look too stylized,” Friedberg says.

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For Fleck’s cluttered apartment, Friedberg chose an old art-deco building in the South Bronx. He decided the decor should be “sad glam”, with pure thrift store mid-century furniture that showcases a time stood still since Fleck’s mother last furnished their home. It’s a huge contrast with Fleck’s colorful suit when he visits Murray’s late-night talk show.

Our Editor’s Choice

🎬 Parasite

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Director Bong Joon Ho took home several Oscar awards for his movie Parasite, an incredible depiction of two families in different social classes. Production designer Lee Ha Jun was able to achieve the perfect look to depict both the Park and the Kim families, two opposites of the same spectrum.

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Lee Ha Jun visited and photographed empty towns set to be torn down and copied them to build the Kim’s family stress and apartment, achieving that perfect set design. She even created intricate backstores for many of the fictional neighbors, making sense of each prop littering the fake street. Her talent certainly knows no boundaries.

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When it comes to the Park family, the luxury is evident in this minimalistic home with a simple, elegant and modern look, with plenty of wood, glass, and clean lines and silhouettes. Even the art on the walls was well-thought out to represent the status of the family.

Our Editor’s Choice

🎬 The Irishman

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The Irishman is directed by the legend, Martin Scorsese, an epic saga told through the eyes of a World War II veteran turned mob hitman. With an incredible cast with such names as Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci, it’s a shame it didn’t any award. However, we can still honor it for the screenplay, cast performance and the stunning production design by Bob Shaw, already a two-time Emmy-nominee.

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One of the most important sets was the celebration dinner honoring main character, Frank Sheeran, and it was created from scratch on the Latin Casino that was once a South Jersey nightclub in the 70s. Scenic paintings, draperies, a warm and intimiate color palette with dining tables and red lampshades helped create the ambiance of this perfect set.

Our Editor’s Choice

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The design team, along with assistant set decorators Lisa Scotta, Ashley Wellbrock, and Pippa Culpepper, scouted everywhere for vintage items that would fit perfectly the time period, mostly around the 70s era, having found some from 1stDibs as well as Facebook’s marketplace and even tried-and-true prop houses. The typically mid-century furniture makes our hearts sings!

Our Editor’s Choice

🎬 Jojo Rabbit

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Jojo Rabbit is a World War II satire revolving around Jojo Betzler, a 10-year-old boy whose imaginary friend is none other than Adolf Hitler. The young Nazi has to fight his beliefs when he discovers that his mom, Rosie, is hiding a Jewish teen girl in their home. It’s a charming and whimsical movie but it wouldn’t be complete without the vibrant and bright production design of Ra Vincent.

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The movie was filmed in Czech Republic, much to Vincent’s pleasure, that found a particular charm in the streets of baroque villages that clearly spoke to the views of the young character, Jojo. “These towns had their own experience with Nazi occupation, so the research came to us,” he explains.

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It’s in the interior of Jojo’s home that the heart of the story happens because it’s exactly where his mindset changes. The design? Art Deco from the 1930s with elegant touches and color-saturated rooms, richly decorated. The set is a true dream come true!

Our Editor’s Choice

🎬 1917

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Production designer Dennis Gassner signed on to work on 1917 and it was without a doubt one of the hardest projects he has ever designed, but also one of the most stunning, from sets to visual effects. From creating trenches in the mud to designing War-torn villages with a burned-out church and 150 buildings designed in 3D modeling, it’s hard not to think about the incredible work of Gassner when watching this art piece that is 1917.

“We choreographed the shots inch by inch, and time was our enemy,” Gassner says, “It was like we were designing the war metaphorically.”