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5 Top Luxury Hospitality Projects By Asia’s Best Interior Designers

The following luxury hospitality projects were made by some of your favorite Asian interior designers! Are you ready to be inspired?

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We’re going though a rought time. It’s crucial to stay home, and protect ourselves and others. The majority is working from home, and to separate
Why Essential Home!? essential home Why Essential Home!? logo essential home midcentury furniturebw 994x410

Why Essential Home!?

Why Essential Home!? More than furniture Essential Home is a Lifestyle. Inspired in decades that changed the world,

Essential home is an Elegant look full of refinement and modernity!

Why Essential Home!? essential home Why Essential Home!? eh third 1024x490

The Idol Hotel Paris provides the emotion of a design hotel but with something else: sound and groove. The Idol Hotel Paris The Idol Hotel Paris banner weblog 2 mid-century elegance Mid-century Elegance and Modernism wrap together inside this cozy home banner weblog 2 mid-century modern 8 breathtaking mid-century modern living rooms banner weblog 2 essential home Why Essential Home!? banner weblog 2

A luxurious touch of design with inspiration on some of the greatest icons  from Hollywood greatest and most important actors. References like on of the greatest characters the world has ever seen James Bond with an irreverent way of life, a bohemian lifestyle marked by a Dry Martini “shaken not stirred”.

essential home Why Essential Home!? split 635785280845875177

The irreverence is present through names and inspirations. Though icons that left a legacy Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando. A legacy that is present through Essential Home Lifestyle and Design; when you look at Essential Home you look at more than space, more than furniture, more than what you were expecting. A space and ambiance like no other with personality, history and irreverence.


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You don´t just envision the pieces. You envision your friends, the Gin´s and Martini´s through out the night and the rebel lifestyle you choose….

essential home Why Essential Home!? images 1 755x1024

In the middle of the mass design and trendy fashions, Essential Home is unique… Pieces you can relate and fall in love, pieces with history like no other and the choices we make.

essential home Why Essential Home!? Wallpaper Marilyn Monroe 6 1024x768

This is Essential Home, this is the bohemian lifestyle you see in the movies with the glamour from timeless icons…

Mid-Century Modern Style that stands out being unique and creating no equal ambiances.


interior designer DANIEL ROMUALDEZ ARCHITECTS: top interior designer by AD 100 list 2017 banner new catalogue covet lounge daniel romualdez TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER BY AD 100 LIST 17': DANIEL ROMUALDEZ banner new catalogue covet lounge essential home Why Essential Home!? banner new catalogue covet lounge

Tell us wish icons influenced you the most and what is your favorite item from Essentials collection!