20 Incredible Portuguese Interior Designers You’re Probably Unaware Of

Discover the top Portuguese interior designers that you’ll be intrigued about.

Portugal is one of the top destinations in the world and one of the most beautiful design hot spots, as well. Discover here 20 incredible Portuguese interior designers you probably didn’t know about and that will surely pleasantly surprise you with their passion, dedication and attention to detail.


5 Janelas

5 Janelas is an interior design studio run by Francisco Neves, an interior designer with over 20 years of experience in the field and showcasing his own maturity, passion and design identity in every project. Still keeping true to himself, he is able to surpass his clients’ expectations for over two decades and keep a dedicated client base.


Ana Antunes

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Ana Antunes went from TV producer to Decorator in the twinkling of an eye and now she also owns a decorating business, loving it everyday, as much as she loves to make people happy in the Portuguese design TV show “Querido, Mudei a Casa“.

Ana Cordeiro

Prego Sem Estopa was born in the ground-floor of number 36 of Calçada do Combro, a Space that quickly became a landmark of good taste and great design. In January 2012, Ana Cordeiro was invited to internationalize her brand at Maison et Objet, one of the most prestigious fairs in Paris. There, she presented a collection in a reinvented vintage style, consisting of furniture designed by her, unique lamps, clean lines and o color palette marked by blue, pink, yellow and green.

BL Design & Arquitetura

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Founded by Cecilia Banito and Pedro Lourenço, BL Design e Arquitetura it’s an interior architecture studio, design, consulting and decoration, specializing in remodeling and rehabilitation. Since 2007, they develop incredible projects in the residential and commercial areas, taking a more challenging aspect of design and breaking boundaries.

Catarina Batista

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It’s in 2011 that Catarina Batista, a training architect, founded her studio, Catarina Batista Studio. She develops mainly private projects that meet the needs of single-family Portuguese homes, specializing in interior design, rehabilitation and decoration, with a side of creativity and attention to detail that make her projects so special.

Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

Founded in 2000, Atelier Cristina Jorge de Carvalho has signed award-winning projects that include private residences, hotels, commercial spaces, among others. The Best Architecture Single Residence Portugal award for the Housing in the Algarve project and the Best Hotel Interior for Europe award for the Altis Prime Hotel project, were some of the international awards attributed to the Atelier, and it’s no surprise that her work is often published in international magazines.

Cristina Santos Silva

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Located in Lisbon, the Artica studio was founded in 1992 under the tutelage of the architect Cristina Santos e Silva, that has developed numerous private projects of single-family homes, offices, shops, and exhibitions. Because of her passion for decor, her own decoration store, named Artica, was born in Lisbon.

Gavinho e Associados

Dedicated to the design of spaces of excellence, GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors is distinguished by the refinement of its projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design, and art consulting. They’re specialized in luxury interiors and invigorating spaces that emphase elegance and contemporaneity.

Graça Viterbo

Viterbo Interior Design is a leading Interior Design family-owned company, with offices in Portugal and Singapore. At Viterbo Interior Design they believe that their success is based on the genuine effort to deliver unique projects and aesthetics with balance and that enhance the quality of life.

Joana Astolfi

Joana Astolfi is an artist, architect and designer who draws visual inspiration from a broad universe of found objects. Always an inspiration, she created her own studio: Studio Astolfi is a team of artists, architects, and technicians who specialize in telling stories, evoking memories, and captivating the curiosity of our audiences.

Lavradio Design

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Lavradio Design believes that an architectural interior design and decoration project is only finished when fully embodies the client’s wishes. The style of each project should be an expression of who will live or work there, and this is the motto they take in mind to each project. Their style is defined by methodology applied, accuracy and dedication to each project.

Lisete Reis

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A journalist for a Portuguese network almost 20 years ago, she created a blog for decoration that soon transformed into a store on Rua de Camões. The all-white decoration it’s one of Lisete‘s favorite tendencies, which are peppered with vivid colors, like roses and greens, with some improbable combinations. As for style, there is a bit of everything – “We go from the contemporaryto the classic, from Provencal to romantic, with golds and carvings”.

Mint Interior Design

Mint Interior Design atelier was born in 2016 as the result of the ambition and dream of Designer Teresa Pietra Torres to create a new approach to interior design. Mint Interior Design seeks to make each space comfortable, functional, sober, balanced, customized and according to the goals, preferences, and expectations of customers.

Musa Decor

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Created by Soraia Pereira in 1999, Musa Décor combines both architecture and design services, so that each work reflects the inspirations and desires of each client inside and outside the house. They are able to bring emotions and positive energy into any project, whether they are dealing with hospitality or private residences.

Nini Andrade

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Nini Andrade Silva is one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world. Nini’s work has international recognition, having placed the name of Portugal alongside the biggest and best designers in the world, while being the creative mind behind multiple hotel designs. She has an impressive portfolio that extends all over the world, being recognized in prestigious international publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, El Pais, Wallpaper, Condé Nast Traveller, Rolls Royce Excellence Guide, Sleeper Magazine, Harrods Magazine, and Architectural Digest Magazine. 


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After developing his talent for many years in fashion, in Portugal and Sweden, Artur Miranda diversified into interior design and created an interior design firm with a modern and innovative approach to design. Later, Jacques Bec joined him, bringing his own very personal French touch from Paris. They started working for public and commercial places, but their common taste for sophisticated and personalized surroundings soon leads them to develop their creativity in private places.

ROOF Design Studio

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ROOF Design Studio is a dynamic and multidisciplinary atelier that is attentive to market trends, which works in interior design, architecture, product design, and graphic design. Creativity is the engine of their work that is able to provide innovative and original solutions, that give each project a distinct character that makes the space surprising, captivating and functional.

Siza Vieira

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Álvaro Siza Vieira is one the most recognizable Portuguese architects of all time. His architectural projects are globally recognized, and that is why Siza Vieira keeps collecting some of the most important architectural awards like Golden Lion for the Best Project, the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement, the Pritzke Architecture Prize and so many others.


Studio Arte

Based in Portugal, Studio ARTE is a design ensemble offering rich expertise which operates in a different way, within the architectural practice. Rather than focusing on the singular, Studio Arte strives to look at the plural to ensure that no project details are overlooked.

Traço Magenta

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Traço Magenta was born from the idea of ​​two designers who in 2006 launched the brand with the aim of creating original decoration projects with a personalized design. A dynamic and creative team, whose experience is proven by the large and small works that constitute their portfolio, as well as the creativity and passion in every project.