Mad Men: Shop the Mid-Century Look

Yes, you can be a Draper, a Cooper or even a Holloway every day of your life! Let the Mad Men vibe transform your environment through mid-century designed furniture.

Fall is coming and new seasons of your favorite shows are being released. If you are a Netflix addicted, you probably must have seen Mad Men. If you miss the elegance of the Madison Avenue advertisers, this article is for you! Enjoy. 


If you don’t remember, during 7 seasons, the main action of Mad Men happens in Manhattan, inside “Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency”, during the golden years of advertising: the 60s. As you can imagine, all sets are truly treasures of mid-century designed furniture making us fly back in time. Get inspired by this article and accept our suggestion to bring a sophisticated ambiance to your place.

For Mad Men fans, this is probably the most famous office in Manhattan and it belongs to Don Draper. Elegant and discreet, it is a symbol of power inside the company. Take a look into the strong lines of the Hudson Armchair and give your space the classic vibe you deserve. 

Sometimes, for goods ideas, you just need to put a light on your deepest thoughts… that’s what usually happens with the creative Don. If you are looking for bright moments, let Meola Table Lamp transform your room. Making an interesting bridge between mid-century design and contemporary lines, this piece is ready to be the “must-have” of the season. 

Another icon of Sterling Cooper’s agency is the office manager Joan Holloway… I’m sure Mad Men’s set director missed Essential Home. Don’t you agree that Wilde Mirror would be Joan’s favorite piece of the brand? Elegant and classic but sophisticated and strong as Miss Holloway, this three-faces miror will be the main reference of any room.

If Joan is a reference in the office, Bets is the major one in Don’s life. If you are looking for a comfortable bed to turn your room into a luxurious area inspired by the delicate Miss Draper, don’t miss it!

Back in the office, time to talk about the relaxed Roger Sterling. In the final seasons, the viewers got surprised by a major set transformation. The modernity and prosperity arrived at Madison Avenue and Roger’s office is the highest symbol of it. I do believe Russel Sofa would be the final touch in this office. I can imagine the after-meeting gatherings happening around the edgy lines of this futuristic sofa.

Oh, talking about gatherings? We all know there is no gathering without expensive whiskey and cigarettes. If you feel related to it, you shouldn’t skip Craig Console. Versatile, it can be used in almost all rooms of your house, however, I’m sure the real “mad men” would love to have this chic piece around full of good bottles to share with friends. 

To complement, take a look into the next suggestion…

The 60’s New York is known for the elegant gathering places for gentleman and Don knows that very well… actually, part of the agency deals happened in front of the bar and were celebrated with expensive alcohol. 

For business, dates or another kind of events, I would love to introduce you to the elegant and timeless Kelly Bar Chair. Let these vintage lines transport you to the golden years.

This is our last suggestion: Dean Armchair. Any portrait needs it! Masculine and classic, this is one of the most classic pieces of the collection. Just seat and relax… 


Get inspired by such incredible ambiance and let the vintage design invade you. You just need to pick the character and Essential Home’s mid-century designed furniture will bring you the glamour you need to live your dream.